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1. Improving Brand Recognition in TV Ads
A HBS research on how to improve brand recognition and reduce viewers from switching channels. The idea of pulsing looks pretty interesting.

2. HP’s ePrint: Print From Devices With No Printing Support
Idea looks very promising. I have some concerns about security and spamming but pretty cool idea.

3. Disentangling Gaussians
The post talks about a paper in STOC by Valiant. Basically, given a normal distribution which is internally a mixture of two other normal distributions – how to figure out the parameters of individual distributions given the parameters of the combined distribution. There are two interesting things :  it is solvable in polynomial time and it uses moments . I remember learning moments and wondering how the higher moments will be used – This looks like a great example.

4. 3-D Without the Glasses
Looks like a cool idea. The fact that it uses eye tracking may mean that it may not scale very well. But it will still find application in our living rooms as 3D TVs if not in conference rooms as projectors. I hope this product does not go the way as courier went πŸ™‚

5. Chris Lattner gets first SIGPLAN award for LLVM work
LLVM is a fantastic idea and I am happy that Lattner is being recognized with a SIGPLAN award.

6. Linux Stuff
Lot of interesting things are happening in the Linux world . Demystifying Grilo discusses the promising library of grilo for media discovery.  It’s a matter of plugins…  discusses libpeas architecture for new gedit plugins.  I had talked about gEdit plugins at How to convert gEdit to gEdit++ .



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1. How I teach machine learning
An interesting post by Hal on what to teach in the initial days of Machine Learning. I think not starting with Linear regression or Linear classifiers and instead focus on the more intuitive stuff makes sense . Of course, I will also try to teach some Decision Theory before plunging into other topics.

In a related topic in computer vision – here is a post which reverse engineers the face recognition software to make it fail .

2. Intel guru says 3-D Internet will arrive within five years
This is something I have been thinking about. Brining 3D to TV is the easy part. Brining it to Internet is the hard part. As people who have used VRML will remember , there are lot of hurdles to cross.

3. Google News
Using site speed in web search ranking – Site speed has been added as yet another factor in ranking. There seems to be lot of FUD to it even though it is just another factor. Matt Cutts’ post discusses some of the misconception.

Another news is that Google Now Highlights Top Links Cited in Status Updates . I knew they have access to public Facebook profiles . But that Google also crawls public status updates is news to me. To see it, click on “Show options” and select “Updates” option.

4. Can We Trust Cloud Computing?
Yet another insightful article from Prof.Lipton. I think , businesses can use some private cloud facilities like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud but individuals might have to wait for efficient homomorphic encryption . I really liked his LP example to explain the core issue.

5. Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our reality
A nice article about the power of Random matrices. Very interesting ! I tried to follow Terry Tao’s Random Matrices course notes but after some time , things went over my head 😦

6. Apple News
The weekend arguably was all about Apple and IPhone 4.0 . Here is a detailed list of changes –Β  The Full App-by-App Breakdown.

The (in)famous post from Lee Brimelow – Apple Slaps Developers In The Face . John Gruber’sΒ  insightful post (supposedly – because Jobs said so )Β  with which of course I don’t agree. Another very interesting post – Rethinking a Gospel of the Web.

7. Visual tricks can make downloads seem quicker
Interesting !

8. Bringing a Smarter Search to Twitter, With Fees
An interesting idea – but will it work ? I don’t know.

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Biweekly Links – 01/08/2010



        Pretty amusing post on the beep functionality . I think , in a way it illustrates the constrained space that Microsoft operates in where even simple design changes can have an enormous impact.  Another interesting post from the same blog.

2. 10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist

        An article on some cool gadgets. I hope Wired is true and all these really exists πŸ™‚

3. The other war between Apple and Google

        An interesting perspective on the growing rivalry between Apple and Google.

4. 3-D Wars

        3-D TV, 3-D Channels and 3-D Goggles wars.

5. E-Reader Wars

        E-Readers, E-Ink wars.

6. Information Asymmetries in Pay-Per-Bid Auctions

       An interesting paper on Pay-per-bid auctions . I did find Swoopo interesting and I can see why so many people bid in it. Just in case you are interested in some strategies to use , check here . (Although I guess sniping does not really applicable here).Lest you misunderstand the title of the Cheap talk blog , read here.

7.  How Mathematical Proofs are Written

       Nice !!

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