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1. Why God Did Not Create the Universe
A neat discussion about Stephen Hawking’s latest book "The Grand Design". Another good discussion is in Has Stephen Hawking ended the God debate?. The title of the articles does seem to be slightly provocative. I bought the book and hoping to finish reading it sometime soon.

2. Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
A NYTimes article discussing about effective study habits. Could be helpful !

3. Inside Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines: ‘We don’t need anymore Fart apps’
Not sure how important is knowing the guidelines is ! They are vague enough to give leeway for Apple to reject apps. Probably the bigger news is allowing 3rd party tools dev tools. MonoTouch is maturing well and hopefully this will propel it more.

4. Google scribe appears to have some absorbing states
Even though lot of people focused on Google Instant this week, another cool tool is Google Scribe. It has become my past time to push it to the extreme and see how it behaves. Some times it feels like making two emacs doctors speak to each other but more fun ! This buzz post has done some analysis and found some absorbing states. Neat !

5. TalkMiner
This is a very neat site that allows you to "search" within video lectures. It does OCR and finds the text in video and makes it searchable. A really really cool idea. I did some sample tests and I can definitely see the potential.

6. Search: now faster than the speed of type
Looks like an interesting move by Google. I very rarely go to Google homepage – searching instead using browser address/search bar. Also I mostly search for rarer queries that I do not thing this feature will help me a lot. But the technology behind this feature – I am really interested in knowing them ! Hopefully Google puts out a paper soon !

7. K-Anonymity Privacy Protection Model Needs a Little Help
I am getting more interested in privacy preservation and stuff. So this post and its future seems pretty exciting.

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1. Quantum Entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say Physicists
TR summarizes it best – Speculative but potentially explosive work. I learned that Quantum theory is used for things other than Physics when I learnt about Quantum Mind.  Where is this field heading ?

2. Windows 8 Plans Leaked: Numerous Details Revealed
An old story by now but has lot of neat ideas. My favorite idea is to bring appstore inside Windows. I am not sure it will click but it is still pretty clever.

3. Python internals: adding a new statement to Python
A neat article that shows how to add Ruby’s until statement to Python. It is quite striking how easy it is.

4. A Math Problem Solver Declines a $1 Million Prize
As expected , Grigory Perelman has declinded the Clay foundation’s award.

5. Does Cantor’s Diagonalization Proof Cheat?
Another very neat article from Prof.Lipton. I liked the way he explained Diagonalization idea using games. Very cool !

6. Drone Alone: How Airliners May Lose Their Pilots
In an interesting experiment , FAA has initiated research for civil aircraft to share airspace with remotely piloted UAVs – If successful, I am sure people will use it for Cargo flights. In another interesting idea in airspace , Ryanair to sell £5 tickets for standing-room only flights .

7. iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought. The facts, and what you should do
The big news in the weekend. Looks like some of my friends too were affected.


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1. Attack of the Cosmic Rays!
A very interesting post which discusses how the author debugged a single bit error that caused expr to crash. The big take away is the diverse set of debugging tools and techniques that the author uses. Very neat !

2. Sergey Brin’s Search for a Parkinson’s Cure
This post discusses how Sergey Brin is trying to upend medical research to cure Parkinson disease. As a Computer Scientist, I always get astounded when I hear new drugs easily take more than a decade to be designed and tested. I am sure there is a lot that CS can do to improve the process and help save lives.

3. Facebook In Early Stage Search Engine Tests?
When Facebook started introducing Facebook pages, I kinda expected them to extend it to a social search engine. I see lot of friends are using Facebook as a search engine by asking questions about restaurants and movies. So it is only a matter of time before FaceBook automated the whole process. Combined with Yelp/OpenTable, FaceBook can give compelling results. If you mix in powerful AI like  Siri, you have a big winner. Let us see how things evolve.

In the mean while, the web is abuzz with rumors that Google is developing a Facebook killer. Search "Google Me" in net for more details.

4. Microsoft by the numbers
This was my favorite post from last week. In this post, Frank Shaw – VP of PR at Microsoft gives lot of statistics comparing it with other competitors. There are two things I liked in this post – He included source for each statistic and he did not explicitly mention what he set out to prove – which in my opinion is a master stroke. You may also want to read TechCrunch’s commentary on the post here .

5. Clash of Titans: Apple vs. Google
Another insightful post on Apple/Google’s budding rivalry in mobile Ads.



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1. How iTunes Genius Really Works
I guess there is nothing revolutionary here. Straight forward recommendation approaches. I guess use of tf-idf was a bit surprising though the use of factor analysis is interesting.

2. Oil reaches Louisiana shores
Some awesome set of pictures about the impact of oil spill.

3. Detecting Spammers on Mechanical Turk, Part I
Some interesting set of approaches to detect spammers. I really like their clever tweaking of EM algorithm and confusion matrix for this purpose .

4. Econophysicist Accurately Forecasts Gold Price Collapse
Econophysics ? The discussion seems to be a bit fanciful to me though despite the notable successes.

5. Netflix On Its Market
Contains a link to a presentation by Netflix CEO. Pretty informative.

6. Yi Ma and the Blessing of Dimensionality
I kind of hated this article. It is a long article but ultimately it conveyed little. From his web site and association with Emmanuel Candès , I presume the article discusses about Compressive Sensing  and related applications.

7. Reading Baby Brains
This decade has been an exciting one for cognitive fields and this is the latest example.


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1. India’s EVMs are Vulnerable to Fraud
Interesting demo of how India’s EVM are vulnerable to fraud. Some of the points they make are quite valid. Although, I doubt if any politician has enough brains to even ask a techie to do this. I thought for some time about potential fixes for this issue but I don’t think there is any reliable way to completely avoid fraud. Going back to paper based voting or EVM with paper ballot is not an option especially for a country has as large as India. Link from Schneier.

2. How Wired.com Tracked the iPhone Finder
Nice article. Given the wide spread use of social networks , there are no more places to hide.

3. Video: Major Facebook security hole lets you view your friends’ live chats
A real scoop by Facebook. I saw the post too late to verify it. Glitches like these are quite scary and undermine the trust.

4. Pedal to the Chrome metal: Our fastest beta to date for Windows, Mac and Linux
I have been using Chrome 5 Beta for quite some time and its awesome ! It has some very neat features for extension developers like remembering unpacked extensions,audit tab etc. The post also has a video of various unconventional experiments showing how fast Chrome is. It proves that Google for atleast to some extent is still a different kind of a company.

5. Chrome Nanny – A Leech Block like Extension for Chrome
Shameless plug 🙂 I developed a Chrome extension which does some of the tasks of Leech Block for Firefox. Do try it out ! I also want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to Suresh, Lokesh, Ashok (who also suggested the name !), Kripa, Divya and Arvi who helped me to test the extension and gave useful suggestions. You guys just rock !


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1. Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies
This a Stanford course on developing mobile apps. For now , it seems to focus on Palm’s WebOS. I don’t think, I will ever going to develop a Palm app , but still this is cool !

2. Apple Snaps Up Intelligent Assistant Start-up
An interesting acquistion indeed. Not sure where they will use those skills though. More details on the AI technology is at Software That Learns from Users .

3. Antisocial Networking?
Raises some very valid points on Social Networks and its impact especially on youngsters and relations.

4. The census will be wrong. We could fix it
Another interesting article that asks to use Statistical Sampling to fix census inaccuracies. How possible it is in the current political scenario is a big question.

5. Introduction to the Polymath Project and Density Hales-Jewett and Moser Numbers
A commentary on Polymath project. I have been following Polymath due to curiosity even though I don’t understand most of the stuff. It does make a great experiment. I also follow the current version of Polymath on EDP and it is fun too !


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1. Microsoft nixes plans for its dual-screen Courier tablet
Its a real pity that Microsoft cancels Courier project. The demos were pretty mind blowing.

2. Discovering pages similar to ones that you like
This is something , I was waiting to happen. With similar queries, news items and feeds, its only a matter of time Google was going to bring in similar pages. I have to say , I was reasonably impressed with the quality of the results. Testing this feature is a bit tricky. Currently , it appears only when the query term looks very similar to a webpage name. I am curious about how this works internally. I doubt they use Content scanning though !

3. apache.org incident report for 04/09/2010
There was an attack on Apache’s bug tracking server. This post gives a detailed post mortem of what happens and its impact. Wish other open source projects also have a similarly robust reporting mechanism.

4. Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution
Computational Biology is a field I am learning on my own during my free time. The potential of the field is amazing. It is also favorite play ground of machine learning techniques. Hopefully in summer I will have time to fully read all the lecture posts. The topics seems to be pretty wide and deep.

On a related note , an interesting NYTimes article, The Search for Genes Leads to Unexpected Places .

5. The Data-Driven Life
An interesting article from NYT. I can kinda identify with some of the data freaks sampled there. I obsessively track my time using Hamster. I also track the books I read, movies I watch , blog posts I read , my blog stats  and other stuff. I think the article started well and then sort of lost focus and fizzled out.

6. Facebook May Not Be Skynet, but It Is Getting Smarter, and That’s Bad for Google
Another article that took a great topic but did not do much justice. But I think he correctly brings up the potential of FaceBook and its threat to Google. I think Social info is much much more meaningful in predicting and advertising.

7. Thoughts on Flash
An interesting post from Steve Jobs. He has raised some very valid points. Lets see how Adobe reacts.

8. Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera
I had no words after seeing this video. Their topics and rationale is so absurd that I fail to understand how they can talk it with a straight face . God save this country and the kids ! I think may be we should make these people listen to MIT’s Biology/ Computational Biology course. Thanks to Hari for the link.


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