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1. Visions for Theoretical Computer Science
The basic aim of the this page is to highlight the broad research directions in TCS in such a way that even lay persons can understand. I think they have done an admirable job.

2. Express social objects in Atom format
I learnt about Activity Streams from Diaspora’s page on technology they are evaluating. I also played around with Google Buzz’s activity stream data. The idea looks very cool even though I feel the standard is less expressive.

3. How to Make an Artificial Cell
A detailed discussion of the recent break through by Craig Venter and his team.

4. Bringing improved PDF support to Google Chrome
Good move. I would be glad if they bring Flash support too 😉 In the other Google news, they introduced a command line tool to control many of their services. It is limited by gdata APIs but still there are lot of them. See more details at Introducing the Google Command Line Tool.

5. Tech News
Lot of interesting stuff happening in Tech World . There is a new price war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble – See E-Reader Prices Are Slashed . Also check out Swype and SeaMicro .


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