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1. Google News
And now for something completely different – A post introducing Google Reader Play  which is an excellent way to start with Google Reader. You can read my tutorial on it at Google Reader Tutorial .

Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Tool : A NYT article talks about the ever improving Google Translate. Google is amassing a huge data and it can only improve ! I hope Google does something similar in Speech recognition too ! A playful comparison of the performance of leading translating programs is at – Putting Google to the Test in Translation. The accuracy is striking !

2. Chuck Thacker Attains Computing’s Peak
A long article on Chuck Thacker who was awarded Turing prize this week. If you are like me (who have not heard about him !) , it is a must read 🙂

3. Building Scalable Databases: Are Relational Databases Compatible with Large Scale Websites?
A interesting discussions with good pointers of SQL Vs NoSQL way of building scalable websites.

4. The New Demographics of Mechanical Turk
A multi dimensional analysis on the demographics of Americans/Indian Mechanical Turks. It did throw up some strange facts.

5. Machine-Learning Revolutionizes Software Development
A very interesting application of Machine Learning towards improving compilers. I am really curious how this project will pan out !

6. Mapping the Malicious Web
An interesting article on using Graph (Or social networks) based techniques for detecting harmful content in web. Frankly, I am not convinced of its accuracy but anything that improves the current situation is more than welcome !

In a related news , 8000 iPhone and Android users duped into joining smartphone botnet.

7. Bank of America to End Debit Overdraft Fees
A very interesting decision by BofA to end debit overdraft fees. Will other banks follow ? Lets see.

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