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I wrote a Chrome extension called Chrome Nanny. Sometime back, Google took it down as it was against their branding guidelines … So I have created another extension with the same code but with the name : Nanny for Google Chrome. You can find the extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cljcgchbnolheggdgaeclffeagnnmhno .


All new development will take place in this extension . I am still thinking about how to create a migration plan for Chrome Nanny users. I will post as I have more information . I will also update older blogs to point to the new url. Please spread the word !

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I released a new version of Chrome Nanny that incorporated few requested features. They are:


1. Validate regular expressions when they are entered in blockset.

2. More robust error handling inside the extension.

3. Always allow access to Chrome extension links even if you block *.*

4. Disallow *.* from White list.

5. Do not strip www/http from the blocksite. So a block url of www.ft.com will not block www.microsoft.com unless the url is ft.com.

6. Multiple internal changes that will allow implementation of other Chrome Nanny features faster.


Let me know how this version works !

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