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1. The Hilbert Hotel
This post has a discussion about Hilbert hotel – a concept I was not previously aware of – which made discussion about infinity and Cantor’s diagonal argument seem straightforward – Cool !

2. Europe’s Web of Debt
A nice graphic showing what a mess Europe is now fiscally .

3. Diploma Courses in Mathematics
Nice set of Math courses. Some of the topics are also available in MIT’s OCW .

4. Silently Facebook added open search API
I guess open search is becoming more and more exciting. I can think of lot of interesting data mining projects. Hopefully after I graduate next sem , I will have some time for lazy exploration of these stuff.

5. 44 Ways to Ruin Your Financial Life By Age 30
Some nice set of financial dont-dos . I am guilty of some of these stuff too !

6. The future of O3D
This was one of the surprising moves by Google although their rationale sounds good.

7. Problems with CAP, and Yahoo’s little known NoSQL system
A nice discussion about CAP theorem and an alternate formulation.


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1. Google News
And now for something completely different – A post introducing Google Reader Play  which is an excellent way to start with Google Reader. You can read my tutorial on it at Google Reader Tutorial .

Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Tool : A NYT article talks about the ever improving Google Translate. Google is amassing a huge data and it can only improve ! I hope Google does something similar in Speech recognition too ! A playful comparison of the performance of leading translating programs is at – Putting Google to the Test in Translation. The accuracy is striking !

2. Chuck Thacker Attains Computing’s Peak
A long article on Chuck Thacker who was awarded Turing prize this week. If you are like me (who have not heard about him !) , it is a must read 🙂

3. Building Scalable Databases: Are Relational Databases Compatible with Large Scale Websites?
A interesting discussions with good pointers of SQL Vs NoSQL way of building scalable websites.

4. The New Demographics of Mechanical Turk
A multi dimensional analysis on the demographics of Americans/Indian Mechanical Turks. It did throw up some strange facts.

5. Machine-Learning Revolutionizes Software Development
A very interesting application of Machine Learning towards improving compilers. I am really curious how this project will pan out !

6. Mapping the Malicious Web
An interesting article on using Graph (Or social networks) based techniques for detecting harmful content in web. Frankly, I am not convinced of its accuracy but anything that improves the current situation is more than welcome !

In a related news , 8000 iPhone and Android users duped into joining smartphone botnet.

7. Bank of America to End Debit Overdraft Fees
A very interesting decision by BofA to end debit overdraft fees. Will other banks follow ? Lets see.

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Biweekly Links – 01/04/2010


1. Enabling always Available input with Muscle computer interfaces

Looks like Microsoft is working on things more cooler than Natal. The link is that of a YouTube demo. I haven’t got around reading their paper, but the idea is cool !!.

2. The Card Game – How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market

This was an interesting article from NYT talking about card fees of Visa and how it used it to become the dominant player in the field. Do you think there is no difference between entering the pin or signing after swiping a debit card ? Read this article !!

3. Introduction to Computational Advertising

The link is that of a course from Stanford for Computation Advertising. I have read some papers on Sponsored Search Auction , but this is way too cool. I especially like their project ideas. I have not read all their slides carefully, but its interesting.I came to this class after reading this and this post.

4. What does it mean to “Like” a status update?

This article talks about the difference between liking a Facebook post/ retweeting a tweet or liking in FriendFeed.

5. New and improved RNA interference

An article on MIT’s research where they talk about RNA interference and a new way to silence the problematic genes . This research is exciting because the genes can be cancer causing !!. The scientists claim that they can silence multiple genes in a single drug delivery.

6.  Michael Schapira: Internet Routing, Distributed Computation, Game Dynamics and Mechanism Design I

A post by Michael Schapira on a game theoretic analysis of Interdomain Routing  , BGF and issues like network stability.

7. DBMS Musings : 2009’s top blog posts

The top blog posts of 2009 from Daniel Abadi’s blog. The three posts he suggests are really good.

Have A Nice Week Ahead !!

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