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1. An Open Mind
This NYTimes articles talks open course ware like MIT OCW and asks the critical question – what next ? One glaring issue in OCW is that even if you master the course contents you are not really “certified”. It also talks about other initiatives like CMU’s OLI (its statistics and causal reasoning courses are among my favs)  and Peer 2 Peer University . I was not aware of P2PU and it looks like terrific concept. I am hoping to take part in its next offering. Lets see how it goes.

2. Web Coupons Know Lots About You, and They Tell
Another interesting article that talks about Web Coupons , information in it and profile matching. The Facebook scenario is the scariest, although I think the anonymity set in the other case should also be small. RevTrax may be the most important company we never were aware of 🙂

3. The History of Beauty
A post about a book on the beauty industry. It is a $30 billion industry without much analysis. The post has some interesting points.

4. Why Linux Is Not Attracting Young Developers
Has some very interesting insights.

5. XAuth: The Open Web Fires a Shot Against Facebook Connect
Looks like a promising concept. I think Facebook and Twitter will ultimately join this even while supporting their own protocols.

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