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1. Quantum Entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say Physicists
TR summarizes it best – Speculative but potentially explosive work. I learned that Quantum theory is used for things other than Physics when I learnt about Quantum Mind.  Where is this field heading ?

2. Windows 8 Plans Leaked: Numerous Details Revealed
An old story by now but has lot of neat ideas. My favorite idea is to bring appstore inside Windows. I am not sure it will click but it is still pretty clever.

3. Python internals: adding a new statement to Python
A neat article that shows how to add Ruby’s until statement to Python. It is quite striking how easy it is.

4. A Math Problem Solver Declines a $1 Million Prize
As expected , Grigory Perelman has declinded the Clay foundation’s award.

5. Does Cantor’s Diagonalization Proof Cheat?
Another very neat article from Prof.Lipton. I liked the way he explained Diagonalization idea using games. Very cool !

6. Drone Alone: How Airliners May Lose Their Pilots
In an interesting experiment , FAA has initiated research for civil aircraft to share airspace with remotely piloted UAVs – If successful, I am sure people will use it for Cargo flights. In another interesting idea in airspace , Ryanair to sell £5 tickets for standing-room only flights .

7. iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought. The facts, and what you should do
The big news in the weekend. Looks like some of my friends too were affected.


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Biweekly Links – 06-25-2010

1. The Surprises Never End: The Ulam Spiral of Primes
Yet another of the delightful surprises that primes keep throwing.

2. Games Stuff
There is a huge frenzy over Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup. Both have become pretty exciting recently. Wimbledon witnessed a remarkable match between Isner and Mahut – You can check some highlights here . And a mathematical analysis of the game is at A mathematician watches tennis II. Another analysis on the World cup first round results is at Reconstructing World Cup results. I think reconstructing the games will be a wonderful programming assignment.  Though not related to "real" game, here is a neat post on Games with Incomplete Information .

3. It’s Your Data, It’s Your Bot: It’s Not A Crime
Another thought provoking article from EFF.  As a person interested in data mining, this case is quite relevant to me. Let us see how the case progresses.

4. Computers Learn to Listen, and Some Talk Back
This NYTimes article talks about the increasing use of Speech Recognition and AI in medical field. Some of the research prototypes at Microsoft form the backdrop. If they could combine the object recognition of Kinect and the speech recognition in this project, the results should be amazing. It is an exciting time to be in AI/ML and it is nice to see NYTimes doing more profiles on AI and bringing it to the "masses".

5. Nanotubes Give Batteries a Jolt
I do not know much about this area of research but so many of my favorite blogs discussed this post that I feel obliged to link it 🙂

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1. The Hilbert Hotel
This post has a discussion about Hilbert hotel – a concept I was not previously aware of – which made discussion about infinity and Cantor’s diagonal argument seem straightforward – Cool !

2. Europe’s Web of Debt
A nice graphic showing what a mess Europe is now fiscally .

3. Diploma Courses in Mathematics
Nice set of Math courses. Some of the topics are also available in MIT’s OCW .

4. Silently Facebook added open search API
I guess open search is becoming more and more exciting. I can think of lot of interesting data mining projects. Hopefully after I graduate next sem , I will have some time for lazy exploration of these stuff.

5. 44 Ways to Ruin Your Financial Life By Age 30
Some nice set of financial dont-dos . I am guilty of some of these stuff too !

6. The future of O3D
This was one of the surprising moves by Google although their rationale sounds good.

7. Problems with CAP, and Yahoo’s little known NoSQL system
A nice discussion about CAP theorem and an alternate formulation.


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1. Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies
This a Stanford course on developing mobile apps. For now , it seems to focus on Palm’s WebOS. I don’t think, I will ever going to develop a Palm app , but still this is cool !

2. Apple Snaps Up Intelligent Assistant Start-up
An interesting acquistion indeed. Not sure where they will use those skills though. More details on the AI technology is at Software That Learns from Users .

3. Antisocial Networking?
Raises some very valid points on Social Networks and its impact especially on youngsters and relations.

4. The census will be wrong. We could fix it
Another interesting article that asks to use Statistical Sampling to fix census inaccuracies. How possible it is in the current political scenario is a big question.

5. Introduction to the Polymath Project and Density Hales-Jewett and Moser Numbers
A commentary on Polymath project. I have been following Polymath due to curiosity even though I don’t understand most of the stuff. It does make a great experiment. I also follow the current version of Polymath on EDP and it is fun too !


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1. April Fools 2010 : The Definitive List
The list of April 1 jokes by TechCrunch. I seem to have missed the xkcd’s . It was a real good one . They also had added some witty comments for most common Linux commands (find ,echo etc) . If you want to find all of commands and its responses check out the js file used for parsing the command .

2. Thine Is the Kingdom
An excellent review of the book “Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years” by Diarmaid MacCulloch. The review contains some thoughtful yet provocative lines like : (Christianity is ) "a world religion founded on the brief public ministry, trial and execution of a single Jew in a remote corner of the Roman Empire" and "To suggest that such supernatural stories are allegorical can be considered a radical position in even the most liberal precincts of the Christian world" .

I have added it to my to read book list. Hopefully once I finish my masters I will have some time to read this book 🙂

3. 50 Things
This post is from MIT Admissions blog and talks about some 50 general piece of advice to MIT’s class of 2010. Most of them are applicable to other colleges too. Had fun reading. Thanks Kripa for the link !

Some goodies in the list are :  "Half of you will be in the bottom half of your class at any given moment. Way more than half of you will be in the bottom half of your class at some point in the next four years. Get used to it." and "The MIT name on your resume won’t mean much if that’s the only thing on your resume.    ".

4. Much ado about NULL: An introduction to virtual memory
A nice technique to prevent crashes due to de-referencing NULL pointers. 

An alternate technique using signal/ setjmp/ longjmp is here – For the love of POSIX: A more useful way to not segfault from null pointers . As the author notes , dont use this technique in production code ! setjmp and longjmp are complex beasts and better to write code without them 🙂

5. Take It to the Limit
Another nice post from Steven Strogatz. Here he explains about Archimedes’ technique to find the value of π and more importantly , how the formula for area of a circle πr^2 is derived using basic principles from calculus. Neat !

6. How I got sued by Facebook
An interesting post about the perils of using data for purposes other than what is implicitly agreed. Arvind has a post discussing similar stories – Is Making Public Data “More Public” a Privacy Violation?.

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1. Choosing the number of clusters II: Diminishing Returns and the ROC curve
A nice intuition for ROC curve and how to use it to choose number of clusters.

2. A beautiful model (of the stock market)
Quite interesting post which argues at the macro level, stock market is quite well behaved and predictable 🙂

3. Square Dancing
An intuitive proof to Pythagoras theorem.

4. Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL
This attack is quite clever – a straight forward man in the middle attack which allows any one to observe all the transactions you make to any targeted website. It does require co-operation from both ISP and CAs but that should be easy for at least the feds. A more shocking vulnerability is this – Vulnerabilities Allow Attacker to Impersonate Any Website . Clever use of nulls to get a certificate for a fake domain from CAs.

5. Interesting Math Problems
A nice set of interest math problems . Got the link from Sriram.

6. A single sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. That means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1,587.5TB
Mostly tongue in cheek geek humor.

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1. Detecting suspicious account activity
Nice try by Google. I am curious about the factors used for the decision.

2. How to Get Into Stanford with B’s on Your Transcript: Failed Simulations & the Surprising Psychology of Impressiveness
An interesting post about admission decisions – I do agree partially with the author’s The Failed Simulation Effect theory.

3. A DIY Guide to Going Nuclear
A fantastic and satirical post on going Nuclear. Got it from Schneier.

4. Less is more. But still less
There are lot of debates going about Lucid Lynx. This post discusses one issue which has got the most attention. PS : In case if you want to try out Lucid Lynx Beta1 check out my post – Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) from Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

5. Justin.tv’s Live Video Broadcasting Architecture
A nice overview about Justin.tv’s architecture. It made several good points like how many of Youtube’s scalability techniques are not applicable here. Making real time streaming systems is a complex beast and this post throws some light over their internals. Their use of Ruby on Rails as their app server surprised me the most 🙂

6. IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T
Looks like an interesting app ! None of my friends have bought it yet but I am still willing to take Pogue’s word for it 🙂

7. John Tate wins the Abel Prize 2010
John Tate wins Abel prize for his work on Number Theory. The post has a nice discussion about primes.

8. Pwn2Own 2010
I have not found any good links on Pwn2Own 2010 . I will put one if I find it. The expected news is that all major platforms fell.

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