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1. In a Video Game, Tackling the Complexities of Protein Folding
In an interesting news, humans outperformed supercomputers in predicting ideal protein folding. Protein folding is a very fascinating topic and I am surprised that humans did well. Probably because of superior pattern recognition perhaps?

2. Netflix to Pay Nearly $1 Billion to Add Films to On-Demand Service
This makes the Netflix service even more attractive. But I guess till they bring better Linux accessibility , I am not going to use their service.

3. A joint policy proposal for an open Internet
Looks like I am not the only one confused with what Google tries to say in the post. It looks like they want net neutrality for internet but not for wireless ? I do not know why they make the distinction (perhaps due to android ? ) . Hopefully we will know more about these stuff in a few months.
    In the other google news, Oracle sues Google over Android and Java – This is all the more surprising as Google literally sidestepped Java when it created Dalvik. Hopefully things will clear up as we know more about this.

4. Common Programmer Health Problems
An interesting post from Zed Shaw and has some neat suggestions.

5. We’ve only got ourselves to blame for the indestructible Indian superbug
There is a lot of back and forth about the super bug. I was not able to find a neutral post but this one seems interesting.

6. China to Build State-Run Search Engine
This is a surprising move by China – It should be interesting to see what happens to Baidu – also will the new search engine have some stigma as it is associated with the government?

7. Donald Duck and Inception
As a fun topic, the following cartoon looks eerily similar to Inception’s plot.


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1. How iTunes Genius Really Works
I guess there is nothing revolutionary here. Straight forward recommendation approaches. I guess use of tf-idf was a bit surprising though the use of factor analysis is interesting.

2. Oil reaches Louisiana shores
Some awesome set of pictures about the impact of oil spill.

3. Detecting Spammers on Mechanical Turk, Part I
Some interesting set of approaches to detect spammers. I really like their clever tweaking of EM algorithm and confusion matrix for this purpose .

4. Econophysicist Accurately Forecasts Gold Price Collapse
Econophysics ? The discussion seems to be a bit fanciful to me though despite the notable successes.

5. Netflix On Its Market
Contains a link to a presentation by Netflix CEO. Pretty informative.

6. Yi Ma and the Blessing of Dimensionality
I kind of hated this article. It is a long article but ultimately it conveyed little. From his web site and association with Emmanuel Candès , I presume the article discusses about Compressive Sensing  and related applications.

7. Reading Baby Brains
This decade has been an exciting one for cognitive fields and this is the latest example.


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