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1. Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Problems with Workrave
A nice utility ! Thanks Suresh for the link !

2. India TR35: Indrani Medhi
TR35 is the list of 35 awesome researchers under 35. Her work seems pretty promising to bring technology to the masses.

3. A new approach to China : an update
Interesting move by Google. Lets see how the events unfold. An NYTimes article on the topic : Google Shuts China Site in Dispute Over Censorship

4. HealthCare,HealthCare and HealthCare
At last , HealthCare reform is passed in the congress. I have been a big fan of it (even if it does not contain the public option !) and its a great feeling to see it finally passed.  I feel that if Obama also manages to pass Banking , immigration and energy reforms , he will become one of US’s greatest presidents of recent times.

A nice editorial by NYTimes – Health Care Reform, at Last. I am still waiting for a more comprehensive news article on HealthCare by NYTimes and will post it once it comes.

The nice folks at NYTimes also had a site where they answered many questions that people had. You can check it at Readers’ Questions on the Health Care Overhaul.

On a related note on Immigration reform , here is an editorial by Thomas L Friedman – America’s Real Dream Team. I heartily endorse it.

5. Prize for Resolution of the Poincaré Conjecture Awarded to Dr. Grigoriy Perelman
In Math, probably the biggest news this week was Clay institute announcing the Millennium prize to Dr. Grigoriy Perelman . The linked article provides a good explanation of the Poincaré conjecture and the approaches taken in the past to solve it.

6. Problem Solved, LOL: A Complex Tic-Tac-Toe Puzzle Falls Thanks to Blog Comments
A nice but very simplistic article on Polymath project. I do follow the Polymath blog  (actually Tim Gower’s) , even though I don’t understand most of the approaches 😉 . Tim Gowers does periodically provide helpful posts summarizing the important ideas. It is pretty amazing that tough math problems are solved by online collaborations via Web and blogs. The post primarily talks about DHJ. If you are interested, check out the latest Polymath on EDP. The article also gives helpful links explaining the problems to non mathematicians like the rest of us.

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