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Biweekly Links – 09-20-2010

1. Goodhart’s law
Today’s XKCD refers to Goodhart’s law and the linked post contains few good links from Terrence Tao discussing the law in detail.

2. New Drugs Stir Debate on Rules of Clinical Trials
This post brings back my thoughts when I learned about experimental design for new drugs. I found it a bit insane as there is a possibility that the people in control group are losing out the chance to live for no reason at all. Of course, there are multiple arguments for this design, but I do feel that some alternate mechanism has to be designed.

3. Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs
Even though, the topic of the post was nothing novel, I really like the perspective from which the topic is approached.

4. Blown-Out BP Well Is Sealed for Good
True to the media nature – the good news that the BP well was fully sealed never got much coverage ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Ellison announces ‘one big, honkin’ cloud’
This is probably the biggest announcement of last week. I am not sure how many companies will want the raw power that Exalogic Elastic Cloud provides but I have to agree it is too appealing just to own that kind of power ๐Ÿ™‚ Oracle has been doing some strange things recently – their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel being the latest – lets see how this new initiative goes with the industry.

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1. Google Patents MapReduce

IMO, MapReduce is probably the most influential idea from Google. So it was a surprise to see Google patenting it. I learnt MapReduce in my Data Mining course and became  a big fan of it. For an open implementation of MapReduce  see Hadoop and if you are interested in Machine Learning/ Data Mining using MapReduce see Apache Mahout.For more details on MapReduce, read the original paper on MapReduce. The paper is very readable.

2. Social Science Research At Yahoo!

An interesting article on how Yahoo is building a world class Social Science team.

3. Shannon Limit And Gallager Codes

A two part article series on Shannon Limit and Gallager Codes. The first topic is very well known but the second was pretty interesting too ! Most useful was his lecture notes on Discrete Stochastic Processes and Random Processes.

4. Exadata’s columnar compression

A critical look on Oracleโ€™s Exadata Columnar compression Scheme. The paper is short and reads a lot like marketing but it is sprinkled with some interesting information. Column oriented databases are very very interesting and Oracle is also jumping in with their hybrid architecture.

5. Helping computers understand language

An interesting article from Google on how they solve the synonym problem. Basically, how to tell computer that these two words mean the same . Their take on synonym is broader (for eg gm = General Motors, Genetically modified etc). They are using some really cool techniques for the identification and disambiguation.  I hope Google puts out some paper about these techniques . Cant wait !!

6. Hunting Fossil Viruses in Human DNA

A nice article on how our DNA contains some strains of Viral DNA (or actually, RNA ) . Another reason was that one of the collaborators was an UTA professor ๐Ÿ™‚

7. YouTube News

YouTube has been doing some good stuff this week โ€“

a.  It had some very useful changes to its video page (see The Video Page Gets a Makeover ) . 

b. I had already written about how to use YouTube HTML5-ifier to get HTML-5 version of YouTube in this blog post. Now Google has made it official. All you need to opt-in to the HTML-5 experiment of YouTube. See more details at Introducing YouTube HTML5 Supported Videos.

c. Probably, the biggest news is that YouTube is wetting its feet with Rentals and coming into the arena dominated by Netflix, Amazon etc. Currently the catalog is too small, but I hope it is just the start. For more details see Sundance Film Festival Rentals Now Available on YouTube .

d. Probably a similar big news is that YouTube is also going to have an IPL channel.  More details are at IPL matches to be broadcast live on Youtube .

they will be able to freeze, fast-forward and rewind the feed, as well as watch replays at any time during the day.

Excellent !!

8. US Supreme court Corporate Spending Limit Case

I know this is kind of , off topic to this blog , but still this ruling has me all riled up !! Details are at : Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit and a cogent argument is in the NYT editorial The Courtโ€™s Blow to Democracy . The reasoning seems really bone-headed to me. I cant still believe how they decided that First Amendment applies to Corporations ! Really stretches the my imagination.  This only confirms the common criticism that most US judges are politicians in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚

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