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1. Detecting suspicious account activity
Nice try by Google. I am curious about the factors used for the decision.

2. How to Get Into Stanford with Bโ€™s on Your Transcript: Failed Simulations & the Surprising Psychology of Impressiveness
An interesting post about admission decisions – I do agree partially with the author’s The Failed Simulation Effect theory.

3. A DIY Guide to Going Nuclear
A fantastic and satirical post on going Nuclear. Got it from Schneier.

4. Less is more. But still less
There are lot of debates going about Lucid Lynx. This post discusses one issue which has got the most attention. PS : In case if you want to try out Lucid Lynx Beta1 check out my post – Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) from Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

5. Justin.tv’s Live Video Broadcasting Architecture
A nice overview about Justin.tv’s architecture. It made several good points like how many of Youtube’s scalability techniques are not applicable here. Making real time streaming systems is a complex beast and this post throws some light over their internals. Their use of Ruby on Rails as their app server surprised me the most ๐Ÿ™‚

6. IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T
Looks like an interesting app ! None of my friends have bought it yet but I am still willing to take Pogue’s word for it ๐Ÿ™‚

7. John Tate wins the Abel Prize 2010
John Tate wins Abel prize for his work on Number Theory. The post has a nice discussion about primes.

8. Pwn2Own 2010
I have not found any good links on Pwn2Own 2010 . I will put one if I find it. The expected news is that all major platforms fell.

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Biweekly Links – 02-01-2010

1. An Educational Extinction Event?
A very thought provoking article from Dick Lipton.He talks about a scary scenario of Educational Extinction Event where Universities as we know may not exist 25 years now. He talks about recent phenomenon of online educational systems like University of Phoenix , the challenges they pose to universities and the evolution of potential role of the universities. As usual, many commenters had chimed in with interesting perspectives. So do check out the comments too ! My favorite comment referred to another blog post by Bruce Eckel ! There were some excellent nuggets like comparing a professor to an antique web server or pointing out that educational institutions have less incentive to change as they "control the game".

2. In which I come out: Notes from the FTC Privacy Roundtable
Arvind Narayanan is an expert in privacy and data anonymization . His work on de-anonymizing social networks and Netflix data are two of my favorites. His papers can be found here. The post is about his experience in attending FTC’s privacy roundtable. Good read.

3. The ‘Luxury Prime’: How Luxury Changes People
This post talks about a Harvard Business School’s working paper "The Devil Wears Prada? Effects of Exposure to Luxury Goods on Cognition and Decision Making". As the title says exposure to luxury makes people less considerate towards others. Rhetorically, "Will the same business meeting reach different decisions when it is held at a luxury resort as opposed to a modest conference room?" . The answer seems to be yes, unfortunately, but not surprisingly. This paper did have some interesting tidbits of information.

4. What Are Your Eyes Giving Away?
I donโ€™t think the post’s author is an expert psychologist, but I found myself agreeing with many of his observations or conclusions.Check it out yourself.

5. Amazon Macmillan Pricing Row
There was a fierce behind the scenes tussle between Amazon and Macmillan over pricing of e-books. Looks like Amazon has blinked and has agreed to price increases. For more details see here   and here . Interesting to see how (the strangely named ) iPad will change the market dynamics.

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