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As part of my research, I collaborate and share datasets with fellow researchers. These datasets are usually huge and hence cannot be shared via email. Since I started using Dropbox, I felt it to be a convenient mechanism t share them.

The workflow I came up with was very simple. Create a folder inside my Dropbox public folder, put the dataset in it and share the link with my friends. Sounds simple enough. Although in practice I hit a snag.

I was surprised to find that I was not able to get a shareable link for folders within Public folder. For any other folder in my Dropbox, I was able to right click and get  a shareable link. Long story short, the way to enable it is very simple. You just need to visit this site :



Now you can right click on any folder (either using the client or in Web UI) to get the shareable link. An interesting side effect was that I was able to get the shareable link for any file/folder in my Dropbox folder. That’s right – I was able to share a folder that was not in my Public folder. This is a bit surprising but could be useful someday nevertheless.


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