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1. Desktop Notifications: Now available to extensions in Chrome
Google is adding more APIs to Chrome at a rapid clip. This looks pretty neat and might be a good feature for Chrome Nanny.

2. How to Reboot Your Sleep Cycle and Get the Rest You Deserve
I guess this has some good ideas about how to bring your sleep cycle to normalcy. Some of the ideas seems to be promising !

3. How a Search Engine Might Identify Possible Query Suggestions
Has a good discussion about how search engines might improve user’s search experience : show possibly related queries , give query suggestions that frame the intent better etc. Many of the techniques seems to be quite straightforward. I am sure the current state of art is more complex though!

4. Sam’s Club Personalizes Discounts for Buyers
Possibly another big news in data mining. Even for the relatively small target population (Sam’s club’s Plus members) the permutations were mind boggling. I hope this gives some experience that can be used to scale it further. (Applying it to Costco or even Walmart). In a related news , Web Start-Ups Offer Bargains for Users’ Data .

5. In graphics: Supercomputing superpowers
A neat graphic about Top 500 Super computers. Its a pity that India seems to far behind the leaders. The graphic allows different filters. It was most satisfying to see Linux dominating in OS for the super computers.


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