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1. Giving You More Control

Facebook had some very interesting announcements last week. Probably the most analysed was the creation of groups. The post also contained a paragraph missed by most – whic says that you can now export your facebook data ! To me it looks like a bigger news ๐Ÿ™‚ Ofcourse it is not in a immediately machine translatable form but still it is cool ! It is currently not possible to import it back but its a great move forward. Kudos to facebook. In line with the tradition that all new facebook announcements come with some issues, Groups also seems to have lot. For a humorous account check out Facebook new groups feature rife with abuse . In a related issue, some people realized that Facebook app on smartphones sync more information than expected – In case if you use the app check out Is the Facebook App Playing Fast and Loose With Your Personal Data? .

2. Amazon Amps Up Apps Rivalry

This is a surprising move from Amazon – Not sure what is their ultimate aims are : Will it just stop with providing proper recommendations to users or will it be a rigorous process like Apple. Also will there be additional APIs that allow app developers and make the app Amazon distributed only ? We will know soon the success of this move.

3. Change to BIOS will make for PCs that boot in seconds

The much hyped EFI technology atlast seems to get used in a wider scale. Now that the recent versions of Ubuntu have around 10 second boot times it should be interesting see the new boot times.

4. Stuxnet: Fact vs. theory

Stuxnet seems to have captured the imagination of public much like Conficker. This post discusses some of the fact and myths.

5. G2 Detects When Rooted and Reinstalls Stock OS

Hmm this is a bit worrying as I was planning to move to an Android smartphone sooner or later !

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1. How Astronomers Hunt for New Planets

Recently there was some excitement that a new earth-like exo planet was found. I was searching for the ways in which these new planets are detected and this is an accessible explanation.

2. Object Detection in Crowded Workspaces

Impressive idea. The way the objects are detected is pretty clever.

3. Atheists score best in religious tests

Oh the irony ๐Ÿ™‚

4. From โ€˜Avatarโ€™ Playbook, Athletes Use 3-D Imaging

Very clever idea to use motion capture and using it for virtual training against opponents. Neat !

5. Aiming to Learn as We Do, a Machine Teaches Itself

Haven’t had a chance to play with it. But Tom Mitchell’s involvement lends it a sense of significance.

6. Talk to Wolfram|Alpha in TeX

It is pretty cool that Wolfram Alpha now accepts formulas in TeX too. I never got a hang of Mathematica form and this will make it easier to enter formulas.

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